Our 2023 program combined familiar faces with new talent. For 2024, we will be updating the list of DJs and artists in the coming months.

Miss Abby OMG

Especially for our international guests, we have Amsterdam-based drag Abby on board. With her passion for performing, Abby achieved star status in the Netherlands and internationally. In the first season of Drag Race Holland she reached the finals. Latindiva Miss Abby OMG is a Brazilian drag queen known for her wild beauty and energy.

Stefano May

The Italian-born singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso became passionate about music at an early age and began classical piano training at the age of seven. Stefano wants to bring people together through the power of music. By sharing his gifts with others, he gives them the opportunity to do the same. “Music is there to heal the soul. People find common ground in the music they listen to, and each song has the right time and place for each of its listeners.” His video “Find My Way” was created as a musical tribute to the Motown world, which has greatly influenced Stefano’s musical taste and sound since childhood. Thematically, the song was inspired by his mother, who raised Stefano to dream big and share his gifts with strength, patience and heartfelt devotion.

Chris Bekker

DJ & Producer Chris Bekker is one of the Berlin export hits of the electronic gay and straight scene worldwide. Since 2013 he has been working together with music pioneer and producer legend Paul van Dyk, on whose label VANDIT Rec his releases appear. Chris’s productions are global chart garantes and club anthems, together with Giorgio Moroder, Gareth Emery, Jerome Isma-ae, Paul Thomas or Pagano, among others. His first music and video album ‘Berlinition’ was officially supported by visitBerlin and Deutsche Lufthansa as Berlin Embassy. He played on the La Demence Cruise for several years. Chris Bekker also runs the worldwide sound agency klang ID berlin.

Ben Manson

Ben Manson is a French DJ and producer based in Paris.  He started his career in 1998 during Paris Fashion Week and had an 8-year residency at Queen Paris, followed by many others (like La Demence, Scream, Green Komm).  For several years, Ben is also known as the founder of the Paris Massive parties: LESS DRAMA MORE TECHNO, TECHNOSTERONE, JIM and the Pride Festival. In spring 2021, he founded his own label LDMT RECORDS to promote new talents of the international queer scene with tunes ranging from nu disco to raw deep and hypnotic techno. The best way to describe his sound is: a sweet melting pot of hypnotic, groovy, raw tribal and nu techno.

our Cruise Hostess

Nina Queer

Unsere Cruise Hostess: Nina Queer

Already on our first two cruises she was mother to all pleasure-seeking sailors. In the morning, she greeted the still hungover breakfast guests over the loudspeakers and delightfully recalled all the transgressions and excesses of the previous night. During the day, she captivated the glamour quiz with her knowledge of the world of A, B and C starlets. In the afternoons, she sorted tops and bottoms at the pool games or led hard-drinking excursions to wine tastings, while still standing almost vertically behind the DJ booth at night. Known from television to radio and for her books and parties, she will also ensure in 2023 that order remains a foreign word and that every pot finds a lid.



djPoppyDownes is a Chicago-based DJ whose passion is to entertain, educate and inspire dance floors around the world.  He mixes classic and obscure disco beats with hits from all eras to create a vibe that celebrates individuality, promotes inclusivity and welcomes queerness. “I love taking the dance floor to a place where people can leave their problems behind, connect with someone, and express themselves freely”.

Rainer Bielfeldt

With his first solo album Rainer Bielfeldt took the heart of the gay community by storm in the early 1990s. For the border crosser between chanson and pop, a game of hide-and-seek was never up for debate, and so he sang about men with calm matter-of-factness when he meant men. Neither did “Willi” become “Lilli” with him, nor did he try to disguise the gender of his beloved with the neutral “you”. In addition to his solo activities, he also worked regularly as a composer and pianist with other artists – for example, with Gayle Tufts and Tim Fischer, whom he assisted on stage and in the studio for many years. Since 2018, he has been devoting himself fully to his solo projects again and has since released two albums. In addition to a gala concert, Rainer will also give a piano evening with queer classics in one of the lounges.

Michael Schuller

Michael Schuller is not only our charming cruise director, but also an experienced magician. Born in Vienna, he was already the good soul of the Spartacus Cruise in 2022 and always had an open ear for every request. This year he will additionally amaze the guests with his magic. A colorful mixture of cabaret, tricks and poetry slam.

DJ James Munich

James is one of the best known gay DJs in southern Germany and Austria. International performances led him to the Bear Week in Sitges, among others. He is also a long-time resident DJ at Pride Munich and the Pink Lake Festival at Wörthersee/Austria. With over 12 years his ”PINK PARADISE” is a household name in Munich and the longest running gay party. His musical genre ranges from Circuit House, Pop, Dancefloor, Classics to Party.