Our program combines popular artists with new talent. In addition to our DJs, who provide the right musical entertainment, international artists and drag queens await you again. For 2024, we will continue to update this list over the next few months.

our Hostess


During our 2022 and 2023 cruises, Nelson discovered his passion for the stage and the limelight and had his artist premier on our theater stage during the grand finale show last year. The Brazilian with a penchant for unusual styles and fashion moderates various events in his new home of Berlin and works as a model for LGBT+ campaigns for well-known brands. More recently, the style icon with the “headscarf” trademark has also appeared as a DJ, mixing Brazilian funk and pop with disco classics and house music. In 2024 he will play his own set in the Captain’s Club and, as the main hostess, is always available to answer your questions and requests or drink tequila with you at the bar.

Miss Abby OMG

Miss Abby OMG is known to all “Drag Race” fans from the first season of the Dutch offshoot of the worldwide successful format and phenomena and made it to the final there. On the show, she metaphorically set her castmates on fire and went down in the history books of the franchise as a lip-synched assassin. No wonder; after all, the beautiful Latina queen is originally from Brazil! On board the Vasco da Gama, Abby will also heat you up with various dance routines and as moderator of our pool games. She has been on board as one of our main artists for the past two years and will again have a lot of exciting costumes and a lot of “spice” in her suitcase in 2024.

Stefano May

The Italian-born singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso became passionate about music at an early age and began classical piano training at the age of seven. Stefano wants to bring people together through the power of music. By sharing his gifts with others, he gives them the opportunity to do the same. “Music is there to heal the soul. People find common ground in the music they listen to, and each song has the right time and place for each of its listeners.” His video “Find My Way” was created as a musical tribute to the Motown world, which has greatly influenced Stefano’s musical taste and sound since childhood. Thematically, the song was inspired by his mother, who raised Stefano to dream big and share his gifts with strength, patience and heartfelt devotion.

Auntie Gladice

“Kisses, kisses, raise your cups!” is her motto and she certainly lives up to it. As one of the best-known and most popular drag artists in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, Auntie Gladice has been delighting audiences with extravagant costumes, sparkling jewelry, a strong voice and lots of positive energy for over 20 years. Role models like Doris Day, Shirley MacLaine, Meryl Streep, Trude Herr and Helen Vita made Auntie Gladice the likeable, lively power woman we all know and love today. Cheeky, funny and charming, Auntie Gladice never fails to put a smile on her audience’s faces. No matter whether she floats and rages across the stage as a diva, housewife or glam girl; her show makes the audience forget the gray everyday life in an instant. On the Spartacus Cruise 2024, Auntie Gladice will celebrate her premiere swith a “one-night-only” show and will enchant you with live singing and a fireworks display of gags and punch lines!

DJ Chris Bekker

DJ & Producer Chris Bekker is one of the Berlin export hits of the electronic gay and straight scene worldwide. Since 2013 he has been working together with music pioneer and producer legend Paul van Dyk, on whose label VANDIT Rec his releases appear. Chris’s productions are global chart garantes and club anthems, together with Giorgio Moroder, Gareth Emery, Jerome Isma-ae, Paul Thomas or Pagano, among others. His first music and video album ‘Berlinition’ was officially supported by visitBerlin and Deutsche Lufthansa as Berlin Embassy. He played on the La Demence Cruise for several years. Chris Bekker also runs the worldwide sound agency klang ID berlin.

DJ Juan Del Chambo

Juan Del Chambo is a Venezuelan DJ and producer based in Cologne. He loves weaving melodic rhythms, driving bass lines and heavy kick drums to create a sound that will shake up dance floors. In February 2023, he released his highly anticipated debut song „El Diablo“ on Prospect Records in collaboration with Rony Golding. This sizzling new release perfectly combines his Venezuelan roots with his love of techno. Juan fascinates his audience by blurring the boundaries between genres in an emotional way. Over the course of his career he has graced the decks of renowned venues, including the Kitkat Club in Berlin, the Artheater and Bootshaus in Cologne and the Radion West in Amsterdam.


djPoppyDownes is a Chicago native DJ whose passion is to entertain, educate and inspire dancefloors around the world. In 2020, as the world was changing dramatically, djPoppyDownes took the moment to focus on his craft and deepen his knowledge of nightclub gear and music theory. Today he mixes classic and obscure disco beats with hits from all eras, creating a mood that celebrates individuality, promotes inclusivity and embraces queerness. “I love turning the dance floor into a place where people can put their problems behind them, connect with someone and express themselves freely.”

DJ James Munich

James is one of the most famous gay DJs in southern Germany and Austria. International performances have taken him to Sitges, for example, to Bear Week. He is also well known as a long-time resident DJ at the Munich CSD and the Pink Lake Festival at Wörthersee/Austria. With more than a decade under his belt, his queer party series “PINK PARADISE” in Munich is an institution and the longest-running gay party. His musical ability ranges from circuit house, pop, dancefloor, classics to party and hits.