with gay guides

In cooperation with local gay guide and Quiiky we offer excursions in each city, which are conducted by gay guides and provide special cultural and historical impressions. These tours are not bookable on the ship and are neither conducted by nicko, nor by Spartacus Cruises, but by the providers directly. Inquiries for Florence and Rome to: booking@quiiky.com


Renaissance in the mirror of homo-erotic art

This day tour combines a city tour of Florence with a visit to the two most important museums. The National Museum “Bargello” is located in one of the oldest public buildings in Florence, whose construction dates back to 1255. There are some of the most important male nude sculptures of the Renaissance, including Donatello’s David – the first free-standing male nude after the Greco-Roman period.In the Accademia Gallery, one gets to know some of the most famous painters of the Renaissance: from Cimabue to Giotto to Botticelli, the painter of “Primavera” (“Spring”). The masterpiece here is Michelangelo’s “David”. In the Medici district, we explore the families’ work as gay patrons of the arts while visiting their original palace and burial chapel, where Michelangelo created some of his greatest sculptures

Tour includes:

  • 9:00 am pick up at the port
  • 11.00 Arrival Florence with the visit of two museums.
  • 13.00 Time for individual lunch (own expense).
  • 14.00 Visit to the Medici Chapel
  • 17.00 Return journey 
  • 18.30 Arrival at the port

Price per person: EUR 219


Vatican Museums and their gay artists

For centuries there were some major gay scandals in the church: for example, Pope Julius III and his young lover Innocenzo del Monte, who became a cardinal at the age of 17. The tour begins with a visit to the Vatican Museums. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. The commission was originally to paint the twelve apostles, but Michelangelo demanded a free hand in designing the contents of the painting. For example, the painting of St. Sebastian, a Roman soldier and Christian saint. He is often painted as a beautiful naked boy who was tied to a tree trunk. In the Vatican grottoes is the tomb of Princess Christine of Sweden (XVII century), who converted to Catholicism but was a conscious lesbian. She had a love affair with the beautiful young court lady Ebba Sparre. 

Castel Sant’Angelo – the gay history of the papal residence.

Castel Sant’Angelo (Italian: Castel Sant’Angelo) was originally built as a mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138 AD) and his successors. Emperor Hadrian was famous for his love for Antinous, a younger Greek man. The castle provided protection to many popes in times of war. In the XII. Century an underground tunnel connected the castle with the Vatican, so that the Pope and his soldiers could escape during attacks on the Vatican.

It was also one of the largest prisons in Rome. The famous XVI century Italian sculptor Benvenuto Cellini was tried and imprisoned here for robbery. Benvenuto Cellini was also a homosexual artist who liked to meet young men in his “bottega” and was attracted by the perfection of the male body. Today Castel Sant’Angelo is a magnificent museum with papal treasures and works of art.

Homosexuality in Ancient Rome

This tour focuses on the LGBTQ aspects of the Colosseum and Palatine Forums. Here you will learn more about the lifestyle of the Roman soldier, including his sexual habits and the military rules associated with them.  For example, Emperor Augustus forbade his troops to marry or enter into relationships that might divide their loyalty to him and the Empire. Then we go to the Palatine Hill, the most central of the seven hills of Rome. It is 40 meters higher than the Roman Forum and overlooks the ancient ruins on one side and the Circus Maximus on the other. In addition, there are untold stories about Augustus, Nero and Julius Caesar. The tour concludes with a guided visit to the legendary Pantheon.

Tours include:

  • Pickup at the port at 9:00 a.m. by bus.
  • three-hour guided tour of one of the selected attractions
  • Free time for lunch and own explorations
  • Return to the port at 5.00 p.m.

Price per person for each tour: EUR 185